Kelly, Eades, and Frederick Present at Conferences and Are Published

Dr. Hank Kelly, Dr. Tim Eades, and Heidi Frederick presented "Quality Adult Education: Focus on Curriculum, Faculty, and Students" at two conferences this spring. Their presentation focused on how to meet the unique needs of adult students through writing strong curricula, hiring academically and experientially qualified faculty, and providing excellent student services. Adult students have a wealth of background experiences that also serves as a rich source of content and adults value relevancy. They have the self-concept and motivation to learn in the right environment, and Ohio Christian University's exceptional growth in enrollment demonstrates an understanding of these principles.

The presentation was well received at the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association in Chicago, and at the Annual Conference for the Center for Research in Adult Learning in Indianapolis. Their paper was also published in HLC's A Collection of Papers on Self-Study and Institutional Improvement, 2011.

Dr. Hank Kelly serves as Executive Vice President and holds an Ed.D. in Education and Ph.D. in Engineering. Dr. Tim Eades serves as Associate Vice President for Adult Education and holds an Ed.D. in Ethical Leadership. Heidi R. Frederick is Assistant Vice President for Academic Services and holds an MBA and is a student in a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership program.

Ohio Christian University is one of the fastest growing universities in Ohio. Over the past five years enrollment has grown 400 percent. With a heritage dating back to 1948, Ohio Christian University offers a complete education that develops students intellectually, professionally and spiritually. OCU offers degree programs designed to equip students to become leaders in their careers, communities, families and in the world. Students enrolled in OCU's traditional undergraduate program attend classes at its main campus in Circleville, Ohio. OCU's AIM Adult Program offers 12 campus locations in the surrounding region as well as online degree programs.