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Worship Leadership at OCU

Worship Leadership @ OCU

Musicians, called to live in Jesus’ Name, who serve by leading worship

Goals for the Worship Programs

  • A strong relationship with Christ
  • Musical and leadership skills for worship ministry
  • Biblical foundations for worship ministry
  • A well-established pattern of servant leadership

Worship Leadership Programs:

Download these programs in the 2014-15 Worship Leadership Student Guide, or click a link below to view a program in the OCU Catalog.

Why these new options?

Many people God calls to worship leadership serve bi-vocationally. Either they work full-time for a local church, filling two ministry roles, or they work another job and serve their church a part-time. We provide these programs to help students increase their ministry and employment opportunities.


Our Commitments

Authentic Ministry

We purpose to prepare students whose ministries reflect the following values:

Christ Honoring and Gospel Centered

Worship centered on the glory of God, especially as it is revealed in the saving work of Jesus.

Biblically Rooted

Worship that celebrates the authority of Scripture, and values the ministry of the Word as central to the church’s worship.


Authentic worship that is bigger than the Sunday gathering. A God-honoring life of obedience, made possible by Spirit’s power. Gospel-shaped worship that boldly welcomes unbelievers into the church’s fellowship through the saving work of Christ.

Congregation Focused

Worship leaders who engage the congregation authentically. While the worship is led with excellence, it is shaped by the conviction that leaders assist the congregation, and the congregation does the work of worship.


Leaders who nurture other leaders as they mature in faith and ministry.

When placing students for practicums and internships, we seek churches and leaders who imperfectly, but wholeheartedly pursue such values.

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