OCU’s Disaster Management Program Sends another Relief Team to Haiti

Haitian Flag

Ohio Christian University is continuing its work supporting the people of Haiti.  OCU recently sent another relief trip to Haiti.  This latest 10 person team, made up of students, alumni, and an OCU board member, will be traveling to Haiti on Sept, 4, and working through the 11th

This group will be on a construction expedition.  It was discovered that many places within Haiti are still without proper medical facilities.  This moved team leader, Bryan Irvine to organize a team to respond.  The team is made up of a number of people from OCU, along with a number of construction workers.  Irvine's team will be traveling into Haiti and then hike several hours into the mountains, where they will construct a hard-walled clinic for the Haitians in the area.  Bryan stated, "This isn't going to be an easy trip, but the need is there and we are going to answer the call."  In addition to the actual building of the clinic the team will record the process for putting up the building in an attempt to catalog the process, so that it can be reproduced in other places across the island nation of Haiti.  Irvine added, "We hope that once the method for putting up the building is figured out, the buildings can be put up more easily by Haitian Nationals, and other relief teams."

The thoughts and prayers are with Bryan and his team as they give of themselves for the people of Haiti.