OCU Continues to Bring Supplies and Help to Haiti

This past week the Disaster Management program at Ohio Christian University packaged and prepared another load of supplies for Haiti. Students and staff boxed up almost 800 pounds of medical supplies and loaded them into a van bound for Ft. Pierce Florida. Ft. Pierce is home to MFI, Missionary Flights International. Thad Hicks, director of the Disaster Management stated, "This piece of OCU's Haiti response could not have happened had it not been for the help of individuals from our community, and the special help from Berger Hospital here in Circleville, and Ohio State University Hospital in Columbus."

The need in Haiti has not lessened. Experts on the ground in Haiti have stated that the types of injuries being treated have changed, but the amount of need has stayed at the levels experienced directly after the earthquake. After the earthquake, many clinics were destroyed and many of these areas are still without proper medical coverage. Once the buildings came down, many have stayed down. In September of this year, Ohio Christian University is sponsoring another trip to Haiti. This trip will help address this problem. A group led by Bryan Irvine will go into Haiti and attempt to build a hard walled clinic in the mountains of Haiti. The hope is that these 776 pounds of medical supplies will find their way to this upcoming medical outpost and be put to the most good.

To assist with the ongoing effort to provide aid to the people of Haiti, please visit www.ohiochristian.edu/haiti-relief or call 1-877-762-8669.