OCU Relief Team to Travel to Haiti

A team of students from Ohio Christian University's Disaster Management program is getting ready to venture to the island nation of Haiti again.  The students will be visiting many of the most devastated sites within Haiti learning first hand what was discussed in their classes this past semester.  In addition to these information gathering trips, the team will be perform debris clean up, trauma counseling and potentially offer trauma awareness training.  

Thad Hicks, the Disaster Management Program director stated, "I'm very excited about the upcoming trip, and I think we have put together a very capable and well rounded team.  OCU is going to make an impact in Haiti, again."

The 9 person team consists of Prof. Thad Hicks, Brett Spriggs, Elisabeth South, Travis Campbell, Stephen Van Bolin, Ashley Irvine, Tempest Norris, Jennifer Cartwright, and Adam Hicks.