Post-Earthquake Haiti: A Nation on the Edge

The Ohio Christian University's Disaster Management Program's Disaster Response Team recently returned from a relief trip to Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

The team had three main goals. The first was to place students on the ground in order to give them international disaster work experience. The second was to put meat onto the bones of the past semester of Disaster Management courses. It was so valuable to be able to actually show the students a concept that they were taught in theory. Finally, OCU wanted to put the students in situations where they were interacting with the men, women, and children of Haiti, and see how the county is dealing with this disaster. Thad Hicks added, "I think that all of our goals were met, and the trip was a complete success. We are developing students who are quite capable of responding in Christ's name to any type of disaster."
The OCU team distributed over 1000 tarps across Haiti. With the rainy season officially underway, this might be a Haitian family's only shelter. In addition the team was able to meet and talk with individuals across the country. This allowed the students to get first hand accounts of situation and how different areas of Haiti experienced the events on January 12th. This type of information is invaluable. The information gained will be brought back to The United States and shared with whoever will listen in an attempt to keep the spotlight on Haiti.

While the team was able to bring some relief, the battle wages on. The situation is far from solved and without continued work and support, the upcoming rains and hurricane season may send this already broken nation over the edge. 

The Haiti Response Team was made up of, Thad Hicks, Brett Spriggs, Elisabeth South, Ashley Irvine, Van Bolin, Travis Campbell, Jennifer Cartwright, Adam Hicks, and Tempest Norris.