Traditional Enrollment Increases 53%

OCU's Traditional Undergraduate program fall enrollment includes 420 full-time and 180 post-secondary students.

There has been an amazing enrollment count for this academic year! The Lord has truly blessed us and continues to amaze us.  Ohio Christian University has approximately 420 full time students with an additional 180 post-secondary students from surrounding public and private high schools.  In comparison to last year's enrollment of 393 students including 54 post-secondary students, we have grown 53%.  Resident students have increased from 176 to 260 students on campus with two new residence halls built and purchased this summer.  Chapel has been divided into two different times in order to meet the needs of students.  Several building projects were completed this summer including the new Science and Logistics Center adding additional classrooms, offices and labs, remodeling campus buildings and new paving.

However the numbers do not stop there...individuals are still inquiring about OCU for the fall and spring semesters.  Current students are recommending OCU to their friends and family and the word is spreading!  God is moving on this campus and students are clamoring to come and see what God has in store for them and the future that awaits them.  There is excitement in the air and anticipation of much more.