Master of Arts in Ministry: Practical Theology

Ohio Christian University has developed its Master of Arts with a major in Ministry to enhance the ministry skills of pastors and lay leaders in the local church. The program will prepare students to serve even more effectively in the church and society, whether they are in paid or lay ministry.

The program has been launched with a memorandum of understanding with Wesley Biblical Seminary. If a student desires to enter directly in Wesley Biblical Seminary’s Ministry Division program, he/she should discuss the details with his/her academic advisor.

The Master of Arts with a major in Ministry program consists of a core requirement (8 courses) and specialization concentrations (Practical Theology and Pastoral Care and Counseling), each consisting of 4 courses. All courses contribute to the ability to enhance students’ ministry skills. All graduates of this program must be grounded in the Bible, theology, and historical thought and context of the church.

The Practical Theology Concentration is designed for those who are employed as pastors in their churches. It is expected that most of these will be ministers who have ordination credentials. Consequently, the program is planned to enhance those ministry skills and increase their effectiveness in their careers. A second category of persons who may be interested in this program are those who have limited experience in ministry but feel called to dedicate their lives to the work of ministry and may be employed full-time or part-time by a church in a ministry role. The program is planned to continue the development of their ministry skills in practical theology.

Program Objectives

Upon completion of the graduate program a student should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate a deep love for God by continually practicing spiritual disciplines.
  2. Analyze Christian theological thinking through the centuries and its effects on the church and culture and the effects of culture and church on Christian theological thinking.
  3. Conduct independent research and evaluation of biblical and theological literature and apply knowledge to enhance ministry practices.
  4. Demonstrate skills in church administration, preaching/teaching, handling sacraments and rituals, and care giving in the local church.
  5. Conduct research that leads to enhanced ministry practices.
Degree Title: Master of Arts
Available Formats: Onsite Degree Program, Online Degree Program
Program Core Credit Hours: 32 semester credit hours
Additional Academic Requirements: 

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