Associate of Arts
The Business major is for adults who want to equip themselves with a basic education in business related skills. The inclusion of a core of Bible/Christian Worldview classes ensures this education is morally and ethically grounded. There are several concentrations available: Agribusiness, Business Management, and Information Technology.

60 Semester Credits
Core Business Course List


PS1000 College Success Skills 3 credits 5 weeks

This course introduces adult learners to skills necessary for academic success at Ohio Christian University.

IT1000 Technology Skills for College 3 credits 5 weeks

This course introduces learners to computing skills that support academic and professional success. This courses focuses on leveraging Microsoft Office, specifically Word and PowerPoint for academic writing. Students will also be introduced to research and Internet tools for practical academic and professional application.

EN1010 English Composition I 3 credits 5 weeks

This course is an introductory study of composition, emphasizing the process of research and writing.  Students will gain and refine skills of developing a thesis, organizing content, controlling tone, revising drafts, and expressing ideas clearly and correctly.  In addition, students will learn to incorporate researched material into papers using APA guidelines.  (Prerequisite:  PS1100)  

MG1000 Introduction to Management 3 credits 5 weeks

This course facilitates students in understanding and applying the basic principles of management. Students will be introduced to four functions of management; planning, organizing, leading, and controlling (evaluating). This course will also expose the student to the tools and the foundational knowledge necessary to manage an organization in the twenty-first century.

EN2010 English Composition II 3 credits 5 weeks

This course is an intermediate course designed to extend and refine students' expository and creative writing experiences.  Student writing will reflect university-level writing skills, such as principles of logical/critical thinking and reasoning, argument, effective organization, APA research and documentation, and content-rich development of ideas.      

English Composition I

GB1000 Bible Study Methods 3 credits 5 weeks

This course introduces the principles, methods, and practice of Bible study skills. Students will grasp the basic principles and methods of observation, interpretation, and application in the study of the Bible.

PH1000 Worldviews 3 credits 5 weeks

This course provides an introduction to worldviews through exploring the major worldviews that have impacted 20th and 21st century western culture and history. Attention will be given to how each of these worldviews affect one’s thinking about God, reality, knowledge, moral order and humanity.

SP2000 Oral Communication 3 credits 5 weeks

The principles of speech composition, outlining, and delivery are discussed. There is practice in preparing and presenting speeches that can inform, persuade, demonstrate, and actuate. The student will be encouraged to make immediate application of principles within the current work environment.

NT2000 New Testament Survey 3 credits 5 weeks

This course provides a general survey of the New Testament. Special emphasis is placed on the histori­cal background of the New Testament, the beginning of Christianity, and the development of the apostolic church.

SI1000 Introduction to Math Systems 3 credits 5 weeks

The purpose of this course is to provide the tools to create a deeper understanding and appreciation of mathematical procedures for the student with limited mathematical background. In this survey course we will discuss numeration systems, number theory, rational numbers, introduction to algebra, geometry, and statistics. There will also be a session on consumer math. The students will able to apply the appropriate mathematical formulate to the various components of everyday life.

OT1000 Old Testament Survey 3 credits 5 weeks

Old Testament Survey is an overview of the background, events, people, and theology of the Old Testament with reflection on connections to the New Testament and ap­plication to Christian faith and life.

MG1070 Microeconomics 3 credits 5 weeks

This course introduces microeconomic concepts, which includes the economic analysis of individual, business, and industry operations.  The primary microeconomic areas of supply and demand analysis, theory of the firm, and competition are discussed in relationship to current economic conditions.

MG2050 Business Math 3 credits 5 weeks

This course will focus on math as it is used in the real world, and begins with a review of the basic math func­tions. Students will then study the fundamentals of banking, pricing, payroll, interest, reading and analyzing financial statements, taxes, insurance, and investments, and learn to apply them to situations that occur in business and personal life. 

PS2000 Introduction to Psychology 3 credits 5 weeks

This course gives an overview study of the fundamental concepts of psychology; including biological processes, development, behavior, learning and memory, personality, psychological disorders, therapy and social psychology. Throughout the course case examples, DVD case demonstrations, group interaction and related self-study exercises help prepare the students to develop their own personalized view of psychology and the workmanship of God. The student will be taught how to examine this subject through a Christian and biblical worldview.

SI2010 Earth Science 3 credits 5 weeks

A study of Earth science:  including physical and historical geology, meteorology, and descriptive astronomy; the economic, social, and philosophic aspects of the subject matter, with a Biblical worldview. 

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ET2800 Business Ethics 3 credits 5 weeks

This course examines the theoretical and practical problems of ethical behavior in the field of business, explores their influences in the workplace and develops a biblically based framework to address the moral and ethical issues inherent in business life.