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Other Resources

How to use SONIS during your advising session. A graphic tutorial.

2014-15 AGS Course Offerings

Please submit this form to the Registrar's Office in person or by email.

If you have a student who needs an online class because of schedule issues, you may request permission for them to take one of these courses. Students can't add the class themselves due to space issues. Email to check for availability and register if there is an opening.

Show students how the summer term saves them money.

Courses eligible for transfer that don't fit the student's degree program are not entered in SONIS. Look for these courses in the student's records on your advising screen - this document describes where to look.

Effective 2/2015

Click Here for the Overload Request form

Transferable Credits for Bible & Theology

Transfer students, except those in the Religion Department, will be required to take Bible and theology courses based on the number of transferable credit hours, as delineated on the chart in the link above.

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Students can earn credits through participation in a Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) process. PLA is a process by which you can earn university credit for various university-level learning experiences you have had in your professional or personal life. PLA gives students an opportunity to demonstrate the learning that they have gained outside the university classroom through a number of different sources, such as seminars, training sessions, workshops, non-credit courses, and work experiences. To initiate the PLA process, the students can talk to their advisor or Dr. Krista Stonerock, General Education Department Chair.