Business Management Concentration

A Bachelor of Arts in Business with a concentration in Business Management will help you become skilled in business, leadership and management. This degree program focuses on equipping you for management roles in any organization.

Ohio Christian University offers a unique Business Management program because it prepares you to integrate Christian principles into your personal and professional life, understand and apply management principles from a Christian perspective in an organizational setting, become familiar with making public presentations and function as part of a workgroup.

The Business Management concentration is focused on equipping the student for management roles in both profit and non-profit organizations. The inclusion of a core of Bible/Christian Worldview classes ensures that this education is morally and ethically grounded. The Business Management concentration prepares individuals for supervisory or middle management careers in business. It provides an understanding of basic business and management concepts and principles as they are applied to a variety of organizations.

Ohio Christian University understands and supports your commitments to your family and career. Our program has been designed specifically for working adults. You take one class at a time, and textbooks are mailed directly to your home. Achieve your potential and fulfill your dreams! What you know now has gotten you this far. Learn more and go further by attending OCU.

Program Objectives

Upon completion of the Business major and Business Management concentration, students should be able to:

  • Integrate Christian principles in critical thinking and decision making.
  • Demonstrate awareness and improvement of thinking and learning strategies.
  • Apply business concepts in a business environment.
  • Analyze a business operation and provide recommendations for improvement.
  • Apply management principles to work with people and processes within an organization.
Degree Title: Bachelor of Arts
Available Formats: Onsite Degree Program, Online Degree Program
Program Core Credit Hours: 45 semester credit hours
Additional Academic Requirements: 

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