Disaster Management Student Represents OCU at Regional Disaster Resilience Workshop

Ohio Christian University Disaster Management and Relief student Kyle Landenberger recently represented the University at the Regional Resilience Workshop in Indianapolis, Indiana.  

In the complex 21st century risk environment, Americans must confront the threat of catastrophies. Any event can cascade into a disruption of regional or national continuity efforts.  Few, if any, communities can withstand such disaster or terrorist attack and rapidly recover.  The Regional Resilience Workshop, sponsored by www.DomesticPreparedness.com focused on issues impacting the Emergency/Disaster Preparedness community.  The workshop covered areas including:

• The federal perspective on resilience

• Emergency management & hazardous material resilience

• Private-sector partnerships

The Regional Resilience workshop gathered the thoughts and feedback from attendees to determine how risk and disaster management supports resilience, even in an environment with few federal grant dollars.  The groups participation will help create the “DomPrep Action Plan - Building Resilient Regions in a Resilient Nation” report that will be presented before national lawmakers, and government officials at The National Press Club in Washington, D.C. 

The Disaster Management and Relief program at Ohio Christian University continues to find itself in place of leadership within the field, and was represented well by Kyle Landenberger.

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