AGS Entrepreneurs Elevate Businesses Through Education

Michael Cessna

Michael Cessna, who now owns FH Auto Repair, always had an interest in cars and by the age of 15, he was already rebuilding engines. “When I came to OCU, I think I brought more tools than clothes with me. People began to notice I worked on cars and they asked if I could fix this or fix that.” Those experiences and his Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management education fueled Cessna’s idea to start a mobile auto repair company to help busy professionals and families. “No one has time to sit in a waiting room with three kids running around waiting for their car to be fixed,” Cessna said. “Instead while my customers are at work, I come to them to fix their car, send them a bill through email, and they do not even need to see me,” Cessna said.

Through classes such as economics, accounting and logistics, Cessna has been able to fine tune his business operations and set future objectives. “I have learned more of how to manage the business to keep the cost low for the clients and also to grow the business at the appropriate pace.” Cessna said.

Running a successful business is important Cessna, but he has alterative motives. “The name of my business is FH Auto Repair. FH stands for ‘For HIM’ (Christ). I purposely named it FH so people would ask what FH stands for.  I want to be a mechanic not just for cars, but for lost souls.”

Brenda Whalen had the idea to start Aunt B’s Errand Service after a conversation with a cousin who was complaining about going to the grocery store in the rain. Whalen did some research but didn’t know how to launch her business. So she enrolled in the AGS program to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management and her plan began to formulate. “In my Entrepreneur Basics class, we had to research and write a business plan. Since I had done so much research already and really wanted to open my own business, I decided to research an errand service,” Whalen said.

Aunt B’s Errand Service took off after advertisements on Facebook and Manta. Customer requests include, but are not limited to: grocery shopping, gift shopping, gift wrapping, party planning, house watching, dog walking, waiting on repairs, and delivery services at clients’ homes. Whalen’s business serves Ross County and plans to expand to Pickaway County this fall.

“If it weren't for OCU classes, I would still be dreaming of starting my own business.  Dr. Debra Grimm (Director of Business Programs) not only taught Entrepreneur Basics as a class to me, she encouraged me to live my dream!” Whalen exclaimed.

To contact Michael Cessna for mobile auto repair call 740-601-8084. Aunt B’s Errand Service contact information is: 740-637-5297