BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 METHOD:PUBLISH X-WR-CALNAME: Calendar | Ohio Christian University PRODID:-//Drupal iCal API//EN BEGIN:VEVENT UID:calendar.9089.field_date.0.0 SUMMARY:Institutional ACT Testing DTSTAMP:20150706T043257Z DTSTART:20150717T134500Z DTEND:20150717T180000Z URL;VALUE=URI: END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:calendar.6100.field_date.0.1 SUMMARY:OCU at the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium and Zoombezi Bay DTSTAMP:20150706T043257Z DTSTART:20150718T160000Z DTEND:20150718T160000Z URL;VALUE=URI: DESCRIPTION: \n \n -------- *LIMITED NUMBER OF TICKETS STILL AVAILABLE!* ------------------------\n \n Tickets: *$21.99 for adults (Zoo Only)*\, and *$17.99 for children* (2-9)\n \n /*$32.00 *General Admission. *$17.99/*Seniors (ages 60+)/\n \n /Free parking\, lunch included./\n \n Join other OCU Alumni during the summer events at the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium \n on July 18th! Ticket prices and packages are listed below. \n \n So bring your family and join us for this alumni event at the Columbus Zoo & \n Aquarium on Saturday\, July 18th (TIme TBA).   END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:calendar.7793.field_date.0.2 SUMMARY:Registration Day for the Traditional Undergraduate Program DTSTAMP:20150706T043257Z DTSTART:20150724T150000Z DTEND:20150724T190000Z URL;VALUE=URI: DESCRIPTION:During a Registration Day\, incoming Traditional students [1] will work with \n their Faculty Advisor to schedule classes\, get their picture taken for a \n Student ID\, meet with Financial Aid and learn how to prepare for life on \n campus.\n \n Registration Days are for accepted\, deposited students to enroll in \n classes.  Apply online [2]\, see our Admissions Requirements \n [3] or submit your deposit [4].\n \n *The day will begin at 10:00 a.m. in the Ohio Christian University Maxwell \n Center.*\n \n \n [1]\n [2]\n [3]\n [4] END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:calendar.1845.field_date.1.3 SUMMARY:July Financial Aid DTSTAMP:20150706T043257Z DTSTART:20150731Z DTEND:20150801Z RRULE:FREQ=YEARLY;INTERVAL=1;UNTIL=20180103T055959Z;WKST=SU URL;VALUE=URI: DESCRIPTION:....  \n \n .... All Students\n \n Consider our monthly payment plan which you can set up using the following \n link: Get Started [1]\n \n July 15th is the priority deadline for renewable scholarships. Please make \n sure all financial aid paperwork is turned in to avoid a late fee.\n \n It is best to have your billing estimate handy when you call so that you can \n determine the total amount that you will need to pay over the course of the \n coming semester or school year. Billing estimates are sent to all students \n who have completed and submitted the FAFSA and who have been awarded \n financial aid by the Ohio Christian University Financial Aid Office.\n \n *Please Note: The Church Matching Grant Form [2] is only available to \n Traditional Undergraduate Students only.*\n \n \n [1]\n [2] Matching Grant Form2.pdf END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:calendar.9181.field_date.0.4 SUMMARY:OCU at Progressive Field DTSTAMP:20150706T043257Z DTSTART:20150809T000000Z DTEND:20150809T000000Z URL;VALUE=URI: DESCRIPTION:The OCU Alumni and Friends wrap up their summer events at Progressive Field \n on August 8th. The Cleveland Indians face the Minnesota Twins starting at \n 7:00 PM.\n \n Seating for the OCU family will be located in Section 548 with a ticket price \n of $41/seat\, and will include all you can eat hotdogs\, nachos\, popcorn\, \n water\, and fountain drinks (available an hour before the game through the \n seventh inning.)\n \n \n The "Rock-n-Blast" Fireworks Show immediately follows the game\, better than \n Red\, White\, & Boom! Phenomena!!!!\n \n  \n \n .... So bring your family and join us for this alumni event on Saturday\,\n August 8th @ 7:00 PM.\n \n \n *Seating is limited so purchase your tickets online today!* END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:calendar.9090.field_date.0.5 SUMMARY:Institutional ACT Testing DTSTAMP:20150706T043257Z DTSTART:20150821T134500Z DTEND:20150821T180000Z URL;VALUE=URI: END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:calendar.9234.field_date.0.6 SUMMARY:New Student Orientation/Registration DTSTAMP:20150706T043257Z DTSTART:20150824Z DTEND:20150826Z URL;VALUE=URI: END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:calendar.9235.field_date.0.7 SUMMARY:Classes Begin DTSTAMP:20150706T043257Z DTSTART:20150826Z DTEND:20150827Z URL;VALUE=URI: END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:calendar.9236.field_date.0.8 SUMMARY:Academic Convocation DTSTAMP:20150706T043257Z DTSTART:20150827Z DTEND:20150828Z URL;VALUE=URI: END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:calendar.1846.field_date.1.9 SUMMARY:August Financial Aid DTSTAMP:20150706T043257Z DTSTART:20150831Z DTEND:20150901Z RRULE:FREQ=YEARLY;INTERVAL=1;UNTIL=20180901T045959Z;WKST=SU URL;VALUE=URI: DESCRIPTION:If you have signed up a payment plan\, begin making payments this month. \n Review your award letter and billing estimate and send it back signed to the \n Financial Aid Office along with any other requested paperwork that you \n received in your award packet. *Payment in full must be made by the first day \n of classes unless another payment option has been arranged. *\n \n *P**lease Note: The Church Matching Grant Program is only available for \n students enrolled in the Traditional program.* END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR