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We are urging the churches of Pickaway and surrounding communities \n to be a part of this event. Included in the evening services will be a \n community choir. Please invite your choir members to represent your church \n each night in the choir. If you have any questions\, please contact Tony \n McCrary\, Director of Church Relations\, at\n */Area Churches Are Invited!/*\n \n ------------------------------------------------------------------------------\n .... Featured Guests\n \n -------- SUSIE SHELLENBERGER [1] ---------------------------------------------\n \n Susie Shellenberger has written over 40 books and has sold more than 1.5 \n million combined copies. She is the editor and namesake of SUSIE\, a brand for \n teen girls that includes a print and monthly magazine titled /SUSIE \n Magazine/\, a Global SUSIE Online Sisterhood (an online chat room for \n Christian girls and women) and sponsored events.\n \n An ordained minister through the Church of the Nazarene\, Shellenberger has \n debated Dr. Ruth Westheimer on Fox News Channel and been featured as a teen \n expert on The Montel Williams Show. She has taken more than 5\,000 teens on \n mission trips around the world and instigated the Brio Mother/Daughter cruise \n for Focus on the Family\, a tradition that has continued with the SUSIE brand. \n Olivet Nazarene University named her "Woman of the Century" in 2000 and \n awarded her with its Lifetime Achievement Award in 2010. Susie has been \n featured as a keynote speaker for the Girls of Grace conferences with Point \n of Grace and she has also traveled as a keynote speaker for Rebecca St. James \n and ZoeGirl.\n \n -------- BISHOP TIMOTHY CLARKE [2] -------------------------------------------\n \n Bishop Timothy J. Clarke is the visionary leader and Senior Pastor of First \n Church of God in Columbus\, Ohio. Under his dynamic and prophetic leadership\, \n First Church has become a spiritual beacon at the local and national level.\n \n Bishop Clarke was called to the ministry in January\, 1974 and served as \n Associate Minister at First Church of God\, in his hometown of Far Rockaway\, \n New York\, under his mentor\, the late Dr. James E. Cray. Bishop Clarke began \n his pastorate at York Avenue Church of God (Warren\, OH) in November\, 1977\; \n faithfully serving that congregation for four years.\n \n In February\, 1982\, he was called to the Senior Pastorate of First Church of \n God (Columbus\, OH). He was consecrated to the office of Bishop in September\, \n 2001. In addition to his commitment and anointing as a pastor\, Bishop Clarke \n willfully serves the Body of Christ as an evangelist and teacher. Bishop \n Clarke has received several honors and degrees for his service to the church \n and to the community at large which include: Master in Ministry\, (Southern \n California School of Ministry\, Los Angeles\, CA)\; Doctor of Divinity \n (Mid-America Bible College\, Oklahoma City\, OK\; Doctor of Law\, (Southern \n California School of Ministry\, Los Angeles\, CA)\; Doctor of Humanities\, \n (Wilberforce University\, Wilberforce\, OH) and Morehouse College Board of \n Preachers Inductee.\n \n He has served on the boards of various community and political organizations: \n State of Ohio Victims of Crime Advisory Board\, Columbus Urban League Board of \n Directors\, United Way of Franklin County\, Inter-racial Leadership Council\, \n Clergy Leadership Task Force\, Inter-Denominational Ministerial Alliance\, \n President & CEO - New Beginnings Christian Community Revitalization \n Corporation.\n \n Bishop Clarke has maintained a fellowship with the National Association of \n the Church of God (NACOG) serving in several leadership capacities including: \n President of the National Inspirational Youth Convention (NIYC)\; Chairman and \n Vice-Chairman of the General Assembly\; President\, Vice-President and \n Presiding Elder of the NACOG.\n \n The author of seven books\, Bishop Clarke ministers to our heart and \n encourages our soul through: "Signs of His Coming"\, "Help for Those Who \n Hurt"\, "Bring Back the Glory"\, "Daughter Don't Miss Your Season"\, "Living in \n the Blessed Place"\, "Making the Most of Your Time" and "Celebrating the \n Family: Lessons from the Book of Ruth".\n \n Bishop Clarke and his lovely wife\, Lady Clytemnestra Lawson Clarke of \n Teaneck\, NJ are the parents of two adult daughters.\n \n -------- DON & SHIRL GESSNER [3] ---------------------------------------------\n \n Don and Shirl Gessner have served as worship leaders in revivals\, camp \n meetings\, crusades and district assemblies throughout the United States and \n Canada since 1977.  Their gift is to bring people into God's presence \n through music that prepares the heart for the Word of God.  From 2001-2009\, \n they served as Worship Leaders / Executive Pastor for Grace Pointe Church of \n the Nazarene in Indianapolis\, IN.  In 2009\, Don became the Executive Pastor \n for Newark Church of the Nazarene in Newark\, Ohio while continuing to travel \n for worship events. \n Don was the executive producer of six Gaither-like Homecoming videos for \n evangelists in the Church of the Nazarene.  He currently serves as managing \n editor for the Nazarene /Evangelist's Perspective/ magazine and is on the \n board of Dayspring Ministries\, an international radio ministry located in \n Tualatin\, Oregon.\n \n -------- MUSICAL GUESTS: TONY & ABBY MCCRARY [4] -----------------------------\n \n The McCrary Family has a rich heritage in music ministry.  It all began back \n when Tony traveled with his parents and siblings full-time.  Singing and \n preaching in church almost every Sunday\, Tony learned not only the trade\, but \n a passion to tell others about Jesus\, from his father\, M.R. (Mac) McCrary. \n \n In high school Tony met Abby\, who would become his wife just a few short \n years later at the age of 19.  The two began traveling with a quartet from \n Hobe Sound Bible College in 1987 and spent two years ministering to \n congregations across the east coast.\n \n In 1989\, Tony & Abby returned to Pennsylvania where they began their ministry \n as ministers of music.   In 1991\, Tony accepted the call to join the staff \n at Ambassador Foundation Institute as the Music Director\, and later served as \n the director of the ministry.  While serving as director at AFI\, the Tony \n led ministry teams both domestic and internationally.\n \n Tony enjoyed a wonderful ministry at Fortville Church of the Nazarene for \n over 14 years\, serving not only as worship pastor for those years\, but also \n in various other areas of ministry\, such as youth pastor\, school \n administrator\, and church administrator.  Abby was right beside him every \n step of the way\, serving as secretary for the church\, pianist for the worship \n band\, and music teacher at the school. During their ministry at Fortville\, \n Tony & Abby joined with Kathy Ames to form a group called N'1 Accord.\n \n Tony and Abby currently reside in Circleville\, OH and serve in the Office of \n Church Relations at Ohio Christian University. Their responsibilities include \n the development and management of PR Groups\, directing choirs and ensembles\, \n and serving as a liaison between the University and churches across the \n nation. Tony sits as the chairman of the Board of Directors for LiveGodLoud \n ministries.\n \n This new position has given the family new opportunities to minister in \n worship and song including concerts\, revivals\, camp meetings\, church camps\, \n and other events. If you would like to know more about the minstry of the \n McCrarys\, please visit [5]\n \n  \n \n [1]\n [2]\n [3]\n [4]\n [5] END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:calendar.7816.field_date.0.4 SUMMARY:Last Day to Drop a Class DTSTAMP:20140901T083554Z DTSTART:20140911Z DTEND:20140912Z URL;VALUE=URI: END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:calendar.8869.field_date.0.5 SUMMARY:Grandparent's Day DTSTAMP:20140901T083554Z DTSTART:20140919T140000Z DTEND:20140919T210000Z URL;VALUE=URI: DESCRIPTION:--------   ------------------------------------------------------------------\n \n -------- /COME SPEND THE DAY WITH YOUR GRANDCHILD AT OCU!/ -------------------\n \n /The day includes a campus tour\, picture with your grandchild\, and much \n more!/\n \n /Sign up below!/\n \n ------------------------------------------------------------------------------\n -------- WATCH HIGHLIGHTS FROM LAST YEAR'S GRANDPARENT DAY! ------------------ END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:calendar.7818.field_date.0.6 SUMMARY:Fall Community Action Day (CAD) - No Classes (Traditional Undergraduate) DTSTAMP:20140901T083554Z DTSTART:20141001Z DTEND:20141002Z URL;VALUE=URI: END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:calendar.4763.field_date.0.7 SUMMARY:Homecoming 2014 DTSTAMP:20140901T083554Z DTSTART:20141002Z DTEND:20141005Z URL;VALUE=URI: DESCRIPTION:-------- THURSDAY\, OCTOBER 2ND\, 2014 -----------------------------------------\n \n 10:45 am & 12:15 pm | Alumni Chapel\n \n * /*Message by Dr. Joe Boysel */\n \n * /*Worship led by Jake Marburger*/\n \n \n 7:30 pm | Homecoming Rally by Student Government\n \n /Torch Run immediately following the Homecoming Rally/\n \n /Bonfire immediately following the Torch Run/\n \n  \n \n -------- FRIDAY\, OCTOBER 3RD\, 2014 -------------------------------------------\n \n /9:30 am | Linking Legacies Golf Outing/\n \n /6:00 pm | Gil Conley Homecoming Concert /\n \n  \n \n -------- SATURDAY\, OCTOBER 4TH\, 2014 -----------------------------------------\n \n 9:00 am | Josias Rodriguez 5K Walk & Run\n \n 10:00 am | Alumni Class Gathering\n \n 11:15 am | Alumni Picnic\n \n * Free! Cook-out featuring Vice Presidents\n \n * Inflatables for children\n \n * T-shirts to all alumni\n \n \n 1:00 pm | Alumni Baseball Game (Grant Miller + Michael Blevins)\n \n 2:00 pm | Ohio Christian University vs. Kentucky Christian University \n (womens)\n \n 4:00 pm | Ohio Christian University vs. Kentucky Christian University (mens)\n \n 6:00 pm | Homecoming Coronation by Student Government Association\n \n 6:00 pm | Legacy Chapel in Detty Chapel\n \n * Dr. Keith Groves\n \n * Emcee by Brett Leighton\n \n * Special Music feat. Past and present chorale END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:calendar.2710.field_date.0.8 SUMMARY:23rd Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament DTSTAMP:20140901T083554Z DTSTART:20141003T120000Z DTEND:20141003T120000Z URL;VALUE=URI: DESCRIPTION:The 23rd Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament sponsored by Linking Legacies and \n Ohio Christian University will be held at Cook's Creek Golf Club [1]. Last \n year was a great success\, raising more than $30\,000 for Ohio Christian \n University scholarships and programs through The Chester and Jean Mitchell \n Linking Legacies Scholarship and Ministry Support Endowment Fund. So far\, \n more than $155\,000 has been contributed to scholarships through this event. \n *Register online now »* [2]\n \n -------- SCHEDULE OF EVENTS* -------------------------------------------------\n \n .... Morning Session\n \n * *7:00 am*\n * Assembly\n * Registration\n * Goody Bags\n * Driving Range Practice\n \n * *7:45 - 8:00 am*\n * Announcements / Instructions\n * Shotgun Tee-Off\n * Team Photos\n * Putting Contest\n \n * *Lunch at end of play*\n \n .... Afternoon Session\n \n * *11:30 am*\n * Lunch\n * Registration\n * Goody Bags\n * Driving Range Practice\n \n * *1:00 - 1:15 pm*\n * Announcements / Instructions\n * Shotgun Tee-Off\n * Team Photos\n * Putting Contest\n \n \n .... Prizes\n \n * Closest to Pin\n * Accuracy Drive\n * Longest Putt\n * Traveling trophy for lowest score by a church sponsored team\n * Team Putting Contest\n \n .... Team Divisions\n \n * *Scratch Division: *All teams with a team handicap of 10 or less.*\n * *Amateur Division: *All teams with a team handicap [3] of 11-20.\n * *Duffers Division: *Teams with a team handicap of 21-30.\n \n /*(and other teams who wish to declare\, prior to play\, that they want to play \n “scratch”)/\n \n .... Team Registration\n \n Foursomes can choose to play golf in the morning\, afternoon\, or both. The \n cost of registration is $500 per team for one round. Team registration for \n two rounds\, morning and afternoon\, is $800. The tax deductible portion of \n registration is $55.00 per individual. *Register online or call 740-477-7745 \n for more information.*\n \n /*Schedule is tentative and subject to change. Registration is limited to \n first 25 teams in each wave to register with $100 deposit./\n \n ------------------------------------------------------------------------------\n -------- 2013 TOURNAMENT SPONSORS --------------------------------------------\n \n ------------------------------------------------------------------------------\n .. Hole Sponsors\n \n * Balestra\, Harr & Scherer CPA's Inc.\n * Bialy Corp.\n * Bowen Powell and Company\n * C & L Improvement Inc.\n * Circleville First Church Of The Nazarene\n * Citizens Land Title Co.\n * Crossroads CCCU\n * Dan & Donna Dailey\, HER Realtors\n * Dan Fouts\, Board Member\n * Dickey-Beckley Team Realtors LLC\n * Ecological Industries LLC\n * Fifth Third Bank\n * Heritage Memorial CCCU\n * Home Helpers\n * Hummel & Plum Life Insurance Agency Inc.\n * Lighthouse Ministries\n * Mike's Landscaping\n * New Hope Christian School\n * Seyfang Electrical Services\n * Schieber Family Pharmacy\n * South Central Power\n * The Citizens Bank of Ashville\n * The River (104.9)\n * West Central District (CCCU)\n * Whited Seigneur Sams & Rahe CPAs\, LLP\n * WesBanco\n \n .. Cart Sponsors\n \n * Ink My Logo\n * Time Warner Cable\n \n .. Tee to Green Sponsors\n \n * CCCU Global Ministry Center\n * Grace Ministries Church\n * Liberty Mutual\n * Mularski Bonham Dittmer & Phillips LLC\n * Nauman Outdoor Advertising\n * Perfection One\n * Sweney Cartwright & Co.\n \n .. Tee to Green\, Cart\, & Hole Sponsors\n \n * Huntington National Bank\n * RJM Systems\, Inc.\n * Steve Austria & Associates\n * The McKnight Group\n * The Savings Bank\n \n .. Dinner Sponsors\n \n * Buffalo Wild Wings\n * Paragon Technical Services\n * Production Plus Corp\n \n .. Gift/Prize Sponsors\n \n * 7 Miles Smokehouse\n * Arington Foundation\n * AVI Food Systems Inc.\n * Chick-Fil-A\n * City BBQ\n * Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Ohio\n * Davy Motor Co.\n * DuPont\n * Golden Corral\n * Honest Tea\n * Max & Erma’s\n * Olive Garden\n * Red Barn Screen Printing\n * Scioto Valley Coffee\n * Snyder Family Chiropractic\n * The Savings Bank\n * WesBanco\n \n  \n \n \n [1]\n [2]\n [3] END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:calendar.3416.field_date.0.9 SUMMARY:Homecoming Gospel Concert DTSTAMP:20140901T083554Z DTSTART:20141003T230000Z DTEND:20141003T230000Z URL;VALUE=URI: DESCRIPTION:* » Collingsworth Family\n * » The Talleys\n * » Greater Vision\n *  \n \n ------------------------------------------------------------------------------\n ....  \n \n .... Ticketing Options\n \n * *$20 *- General Admission - *Buy online [1]* or call 740-420-5903\n \n * *$25 *- Reserved Seating (Call Judy @ 614.266.5411)\n \n \n /Free admission for children 6 and under. Doors open at 4:30pm. Food \n available beginning at 4pm. //Credit or debit card required to complete \n online purchase./\n \n \n [1] END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR