Disaster Management

The Disaster Management and Relief Program at Ohio Christian University is designed to train students to build, sustain, and improve their capability to prepare for, protect against, respond to, and recover from all hazards, natural & man-made.

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Disaster Management Director, Thad Hicks presents workshop at the Makhzoumi Foundation in Lebanon

Professor Thad Hicks, Director of the Disaster Management program at Ohio Christian University traveled to the Middle East to conduct Disaster Preparedness workshops with a number of organizations active in the emergency relief field. In adition to his role at OCU, Hicks is a consultant/trainer with CAAIG, The Conflcit Analysis and Intervention Group, an organization focusing on emergency relief in conflict torn areas.

On June 24th, Professor Hicks will be presenting at the Makhzoumi Foundation, a private Lebanese non-profit organization, established in 1997 by Fouad Makhzoumi. The foundation contributes through its programs to the civil society development by providing its services to men, women, and children throughout Lebanon. Healthcare is one of the major areas the foundation is active in. The Doctors, Nurses and staff at the Makhzoumi Foundation are working towards more preventative treatments and better medical care for the people of Lebanon. This work takes it toll on the providers and some choose to leave the work entirely.

Professor Hicks will be working with their healthcare providers training them in the area of trauma and responder compassion fatigue. Hicks added, "Those working in the healthcare field are especially susceptible to these issues." This training is particularly timely due to the recent flow of refugees into Lebanon from Syria. These refugees often arrive with medical as well as traumatic issues that need immediate care.