Disaster Management

The Disaster Management and Relief Program at Ohio Christian University is designed to train students to build, sustain, and improve their capability to prepare for, protect against, respond to, and recover from all hazards, natural & man-made.

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Ohio Christian University Sends Disaster Response Team to Meigs County, Ohio

A Disaster Response Team from Ohio Christian University recently deployed to Meigs County Ohio after a weekend Tornado devastated the area.  The team was assigned recovery and debris removal duties.  This work consisted of digging through debris and attempting to find salvageable resources.  Once an area was covered thoroughly, the team would begin removing large pieces of household appliances and materials.   In one area, large pieces of roofing were covering what was thought to be important pieces of paperwork and pictures.  One area resident stated, "My entire house is gone, but all I really need are the pictures."  The Response group also fielded a chainsaw team.  During times of intense storms, there is normally a need for tree and limb removal.  One member of the team stated, "Pieces of the homes are tangled in with the trees, and the only way to get it is with a chainsaw."  The chainsaw team allowed for work to move smoothly.  Once the chainsaw team cleared and area the other workers were able to access the site unrestricted.   

This relief effort was especially meaningful because a student from the Disaster Management program at OCU was directly involved.  Her parent's home was completely destroyed in the tornado.  OCU's Disaster Management Program Director, Thad Hicks stated, "We are training people to respond to all emergencies, but when it is one of our own, we are extra geared up to respond."