Faculty Guides and Tutorials

The following resources give an overview of OCU's learning management systems. For academic standards and information specific to degree programs, please see the OCU Catalog or AGS Catalog.

Email Forwarding Information27.83 KB
E360 Tutorial520.97 KB
SonisWeb Course Management Faculty Guide935.4 KB
Faculty Course Evaluation31.5 KB
Faculty Stipulations22.17 KB
AGS Faculty Contact List16.14 KB
AGS Onsite Faculty Pay Scale12.66 KB
AGS Online Faculty Pay Scale95.63 KB
Mileage Policy19.68 KB
Site Coordinator Information15.39 KB
AGS Pay Schedule 201213.65 KB
Grade Change Authorization Form11.81 KB
Logging and Editing Attendance Records in SONIS226.47 KB
AGS Directed Study Policy15.67 KB