Hollywood Hypocrites

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Jason Mattera, political activist, ambush videographer, and New York Times best selling author, and Dave Garrison, host of The Faith & Liberty Talk Show, and former U.S. Congressional candidate, discuss Jason’s last book, Hollywood Hypocrites: The Devastating Truth About Obama’s Biggest Backers, in which Jason exposes the hypocrisy of Hollywood’s biggest stars and their political impact on America and our culture.

Jason Mattera has appeared on virtually every major talk radio and television program since 2005, including: The O’Reilly Factor, Hannity, Fox & Friends, Your World with Neil Cavuto, Imus, Varney & Co., C-SPAN, CNN, The Laura Ingraham Show, The Mark Levin Show, Neal Boortz, and scores more. 


Links to Items Mentioned in the Podcast:


Jason Mattera’s Website: http://www.jasonmattera.com


Jason Mattera books:


Hollywood Hypocrites: The Devastating Truth About Obama’s Biggest Backers



Obama Zombies: How the Liberal Machine Brainwashed My Generation





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