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Do you have a calling or career goals that require you to gain skills and experience in more than one professional field or academic discipline? Are you unsure of a career choice, but desire to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts or Associate of Arts degree? If so, the Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) program may be right for you.


OCU offers associate and bachelor programs that can be customized to fit your career and ministry goals. The unique feature of this option is the flexibility that allows the student to build an individualized course of study based on academic objectives and calling.

Students work with a program advisor to creatively apply a personal calling and individual goals to a unique course of study. Due to the flexibility of the program, transfer students can often transfer most, if not all, of their courses to count toward their AA or BA degree.

The IDS Program is a more time-efficient alternative to the double major. Instead of fulfilling all requirements in two academic programs, a student pursuing an Interdisciplinary Studies degree will work with program faculty to select courses that best prepare him/her for his/her calling. For example, a student who desires to serve in music ministry and fill a managerial role in a large church could select courses--or even minors--from our Worship Arts and our Business Management programs.

Meet The Faculty

Scott Barr

General Education

Melissa Schmeltzer


Sylvia McDonald

Professor of Psychology

Michael Burchett


Anita Conkel

General Education

Dr. Krista Stonerock

Professor of English