Faculty/Staff Telecommunications

The University’s telecommunications system is operated by the Information Technology (IT) Department. OCU has partnered with ShoreTel to meet all of OCU’s telecommunication needs. The ShoreTel Phone System offers personal voicemail inboxes, departmental call menus, workgroups, multiple user conference call and transfer abilities.
If you require technical assistance with your ShoreTel telephone, please contact the IT Helpdesk at Ext. 507 or at (740) 420-5907.



How do I access voicemail messages off campus?

A: Dial the voicemail access number (740) 477-7777. When you hear the system greeting, press # and enter your extension number and password, followed by #.

If you need assistance in reaching your voicemail, please contact the IT Helpdesk at (740) 420-5907.


When I leave a message for a user, how do I skip the greeting and simply leave a message?

A: If you would like to skip the user’s greeting, simply press # when you start to hear their greeting play. Please start recording your message after you hear the tone.


How can I transfer a call to another extension?

A: While on a call, hit the “transfer” button on the telephone. Type in the desired extension and hit the “Transfer” button again to confirm the switch.

Using ShoreTel Communicator: While on the call, click on the “Transfer” button. Type in the name or extension of the desired recipient, and click “Enter.”


How do I dial to an outside number?

A: When dialing to an outside number, please press “2” before dialing the desired number. You will hear the dial tone change pitches after pressing “2”. That indicates you have been directed to start dialing.


What is my long distance code?

A: Each extension is assigned a long distance code when the extension is established. If you do not know your long distance code, please contact the IT Helpdesk at (740) 420-5907.


Printable Quick Reference Documentation

For help with navigating through the ShoreTel system, please download this document for an easy reference.

· ShoreTel IP Phone Quick Reference Guide (IP 230)

· ShoreTel Communicator Quick Reference Guide – For Windows

· Voice Mail Quick Reference