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OCUNet Policy: Network Connection Policy

Anti-Virus Software

Any student wishing to connect a personal computer running Microsoft Windows to OCU's network mush have a machine that is free of viruses and has the most recent Microsoft security patches applied. If you need a anti-virus software, please see our Anti-Virus policy.

Routers Are Not Allowed

Only hubs or switches will be allowed for students living on campus who want additional network connections in the dorm room. This equipment is available at local computer retailers. Routers, wired or wireless, are not allowed. If a student's network connection is disabled due to a misconfigured router, the issue will be reported and disciplined by Student Development.

Data Storage

The preferred method of storage should be a USB Flash Drive. Each student is given an allotted amount of network storage that can be used to store files on OCU's network. Students may only access these files while logged onto one of the University computers on campus.