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OCUNet Policy: University ID Card

All OCU Students, Faculty, & Staff personell are entitled to an ID Card at the beginning of their journey at OCU.

Traditional Program

  • New Students will receive their Student ID card and their Maxwell Library card during the New Student Orientation.
  • To physically check out material at the campus library, you must present a current student ID card.
  • **Please note – ID Cards expire every 2 years, and are free to replace (if expired.)
  • If an ID Card is lost, broken, or needs replaced, there will be a $25 replacement fee that will be applied to the student’s account, and a waiver the student will need to sign. ID Cards can be replaced by going to the Security Office, located on the second floor of the Dean & Diana Hickman Student Center.
  • ID Cards are used for Blazer Bucks®, chapel attendance, entry into the dining hall, and entry into all residential dormitories.

How do I obtain a new ID Card if mine is broke or needs replaced?

ID Cards can be replaced by going through the Security Office located on the second floor of the Dean and Diana Hickman Student Center.

Adult & Online Program

  • If you are a current Adult & Online student and have not received a Student ID Card, you can send a request to
  • If you are a new student taking classes in the Adult & Online program, you will receive a Student ID Card via U.S. Mail, shortly after beginning classes.