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Network Accounts

Network accounts are assigned to Students, Faculty, and Staff. These accounts provide Internet access, network access, and Email. Network accounts for verified students will be activated within one week of confirmed registration. Network accounts for students who have graduated or withdrawn from OCU will be removed after registration for new students is completed the following semester. Each user is assigned a username and password. The username is always the first letter in the first name followed by the last name. In cases of duplicate usernames, this naming scheme will be altered. Passwords are initially set to their six-digit birth date (ex. May 16, 1989 becomes 051689), which must be changed the first time a user logs in. When creating the new password, please use between 5-11 characters; preferably a mix of numbers and letters. To login to Novell, please go to the OCU website, and click on OCU Webmail to login to Novell Groupwise.


To login to your Novell account, click here.

To login to your SonisWeb account, click here.

To login to your E360 account, click here.