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OCUNet Policy: Computing Facilities

These guidelines are designed to govern use of University computing facilities, and apply to all users - students, faculty and staff. The term "computing facilities" is used in this context to include any terminal, computer, printer, network component, or other related resource belonging to or provided by the University, and apply whether a user is at the University, at their home, or at any other location.


  • Computing facilities are provided to students, faculty and staff by the University in order to support the mission of the University.
  • Student access is provided for use in association with a course of study and activities related to that course.
  • Use of University computer facilities for non-University related tasks is not permitted.
  • All who use the University computing facilities agree to do so in a manner which is ethical, legal and does not interfere with others.


  • You may only use those facilities which have been authorized for your use. If access is protected by a password, you are not to make this password available to others. You may not use any account set up for another user, nor may you attempt to discover the password of another user.
  • You may only use authorized facilities for authorized purposes. For example, facilities made available for teaching may not be used for private gain.
  • You must be aware of the laws related to software copyrights and licensing. Software must not be copied except with the express permission of the copyright holder.
  • You may not attempt to copy information belonging to other users without their express permission.
  • You may not attempt to interfere with the operation of the University's computing facilities.
  • You may not use the University's computing facilities or networks to send, receive, or access material that is deemed to be obscene, offensive, or harassing to others. The University reserves the right to determine if a particular source of information may contain such material, and to restrict or deny access to such sources at its discretion.


  • The University makes computing facilities consisting of hardware and software available to internal and external users. The University accepts no responsibility for any damage to or loss of data arising directly or indirectly from the use of these facilities or for any consequent loss or damage. The University makes no warranty, expressed or implied regarding the computing services offered, or their fitness for any particular purpose. The University's liability in the event of any loss or damage shall be limited to the fees and charges paid to the University for the use of the computing facilities which resulted in the loss or damage.
  • The University provides no facilities which guarantee the confidentiality of files. The computer systems administrator and his/her designee may have the ability to view all messages and files of any user; however, it is not the routine policy of the administrator to view such files. The intention is to keep files private, even though such privacy cannot be guaranteed.

Willful violation of these guidelines will be treated as misconduct and may result in disciplinary action, including denial of access to computing facilities.

Open Computer Lab Rules

  • Students must log-in prior to using computers
  • No food or drink is allowed in open computer labs
  • Open labs are for school-related projects only - no personal or commercial use
  • No chatting/instant messaging
  • Internet pornography and other sites of graphic nature are strictly prohibited
  • Downloading and/or copying any copyrighted material is prohibited
  • Restrict conversation to what is necessary, and please respect the needs of others to accomplish their work

Violaton of these rules may result in disciplinary action.

Open Computer Lab Printing Policy

  • The open labs are now equipped with high-yield Xerox printers capable of printing both black & white and color documents. Each printer is attached to a PageCounter that displays any print jobs currently awaiting release in the queue and is equipped with a card reader. Students, faculty, and staff are required to use Their ID Cards to release any printed materials within the labs.
  • Our printing stations charges 25 cents per page for black & white printing and 40 cents per page for color (automatically deducted the funds on your ID card).
  • ID cards may be obtained from the IT HelpDesk. ID card replacements are $25, and can be added to a student's school bill, if necessary.
  • Credit may be added to User Accounts via the IT Helpdesk if a user exhausts their allotted funds.