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OCUNet Policy: Equipment Reservation

You can now request A/V Equipment for your event online.

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In addition to the network resources available to the Ohio Christian University community, the Department of Technology also provides limited access to various other types of technology. One such device is a video projector that is available to student organizations and campus groups for campus-related activities. All equipment reservations are governed by a specific policy of procedures as outlined below:

  1. Equipment may not be reserved for personal use of any kind whether on campus or off. All usage must be OCU campus-related unless approved directly by technology staff. The Ohio Christian University Department of Technology reserves the right to allow or deny access to its own equipment as deemed appropriate by technology staff without explanation of reason or cause.
  2. The user requesting equipment reservation must notify technology staff with at least one (1) week's advance notice. Reservation requests are taken on a first-come, first-serve basis unless the technology staff determines that one request has priority over another. Requests that come with less than a one (1) week's advance notice in no way obligate the Technology Department to allow reservation, regardless of urgency.
  3. Users may be required to sign an Equipment Release Form as determined by technology staff. Users are responsible for the care of the equipment and for compensation of any equipment damaged under their supervision.

Users are responsible for the timely pick-up from and return of all equipment to the Department of Technology. Equipment must be returned by 10:30 AM the following day for overnight reservations unless agreed upon beforehand by the user and technology staff. Failure to return the equipment in time may result in restricted use of the equipment in the future.