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OCUNet Policy: Personal Computers

Ohio Christian University supports and encourages students to use personal desktops and laptops on campus. We value the virtually infinite resources modern technology provides to meet the needs of students, faculty, and staff alike. However, in order to utilize these resources to the greatest extent, personal desktops, laptops, and tablets, by nature require routine basic maintenance and care. OCU's SonicWALL Internet security appliance provides the OCU network with basic protection against viruses, SPAM, and spyware. But, this protection is not comprehensive, nor is it an excuse for the end-user to maintain their own personal computer. Therefore, the end-user is responsible for the following preventative measures:

  1. The user must have the most recent Windows (or Mac, if applicable) Patches software downloads available. Visit for the latest Windows security information and downloads.
  2. The user must have recently updated anti-virus software. If the use does not have an anti-virus software installed, the Department of Technology recommends a free download software, Microsoft Security Essentials.
  3. The user is fully responsible for keeping their computing device clean of all forms of spyware and/or adware. This particularly malicious form of software infiltration corrupts the user's ability to use his/her own computer. Most forms of spyware are much like modern viruses, self-reproducing, and can consequently damage other computers on a network and/or the network itself. Spyware usually finds its way onto a user's computer through program installations, e-mail attachments, and especially P2P file-sharing software. SonicWALL actively reports to the Department of Technology those computers connected to the OCU network with spyware installed. Users with spyware will be temporarily removed from the OCU network until all traces of spyware have been removed. Users have two options to remove their spyware:
    1. Users can download spyware removal programs directly from the Internet using a machine still connected to the OCU network. The Department of Technology recommends Lavasoft Ad-Aware, Spybot-S&D or Windows Defender.
    2. Users may bring their personal computers to IT HelpDesk to be cleaned. This services is only available to the faculty, staff, and students of Ohio Christian University.