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OCUNet Policy: Printing & Copying

Since the implementation of the University network, students at OCU have enjoyed "free" printing for both personal and academic work. The costs of this printing has increased dramatically in the last few years; we estimate that almost 40% of all student printing goes directly to recycling, never leaving the room where it was printed. It seems clear that some form of accountability is necessary to reduce waste and its associated costs. OCU is not alone with this problem. The cover story on the October 4, 2002 edition of the Chronicle of Higher Education listed the top ten ways for a University to cut IT costs. Number one was, "Create limits or rules for students' printouts." In Response to the increase in volume and cost of student printing, OCU has adopted a new printing policy.

Printing Policy

Ohio Christian University recognizes that students need to print paper documents in the course of doing academic work. The University also recognizes its responsibility to promote responsible use of the network printers on campus. Accordingly, all students will be allocated $50.00 for "free" print images per academic year. Each non-color page printed will be charged against this intial balance ($50) at a rate of $.10 per page. Each color page will be charged against this balance at a rate of $.25 per page. Once the printing allocation has been reached, the students will need to add money to their printing account before they will be allowed to print. Students can do this by going to the Helpdesk and purchasing print credit.

Guidelines for Conservative Printing

  1. In the application that you are printing from, make sure you have the correct printer selected. Get in a habit of choosing File from the menu and scrolling to PRINT so that you can view and change the printer.
  2. When printing information from a webpage select the text you would like to print and choose selection in the print dialog box or copy the selected text to a word processor.
  3. In the application that you are printing from, is there an option for printing multiple pages on one page? For example: If you are printing a PowerPoint presentation, you can print multiple slides per page by choosing FILE and Print and changing the PRINT WHAT option to Handout. In this option you can print 2, 4 or 6 slides per page.
  4. When there is a duplex (2 sided) printer available, use it. This may not save toner but will save a few trees.
  5. Are you printing a non-color document on a color printer? Make sure to change the printing preferences to reflect whether you want your document to be printed in color or black and white.