OCU Soccer Achieves in the Classroom

OCU Men's and Women's soccer teams have performed notably in recent years. The women's team, established in 2009, finished second in the 2010 regional finals.  The men finished #2 and #3 in the nation over the past two years.  But that is not the only goal these men and women have achieved.

The NCCAA named 8 OCU women to the Academic All-American team, more than any other team. The award goes to only Seniors and Juniors who achieve a 3.25 or higher grade point average.  "We are very proud of our athletes.  They put a lot of effort into representing what OCU stands for, and I am proud that we focus on more than just athletics," added Coach Murton.

The OCU men's overall GPA in Murton's tenure has gone from a 2.4 in 2008 to a 3.0 as of the spring of 2010.  The OCU Women had a 2.7 GPA in 2009 and just missed the team GPA award this year with having a 3.38.  A 3.4 is needed for the team award.


Academic All-Americans: Women's Soccer

  • Liesi South
  • Sarah Peters
  • Lacy Runion
  • Megan Jeffords
  • Devanne Waha
  • Jaia Reidling
  • Christine Myers
  • Kim Uetrecht

Academic All-Americans: Men's Soccer

  • Kevin Street (the 2nd year in a row)

"Our focus is not just winning.  We are here for a purpose and that is to help strengthen people's walk in the Lord while getting a good education.  If we focus on that, then the rest will come on the field", mentioned Coach Josh Murton.

"We will continue to strive for the best from our players on and off the field.  This is what we are about at OCU and what we are as Christians, always striving to be our best," Murton said in closing.