Rev. David Dean

Rev. David Dean Joins OCU as Director of Church Relations

Rev. David Dean has dedicated the past 45 years of his life to serving God and growing His Kingdom. He joins OCU as the new Director of Church Relations.

He served as the Senior Pastor of Brookside Church from 1990 until 2015. Currently, he’s serving as the Chairman of the Commission on Evangelism and Discipleship for the Churches of Christ in Christian Union, a position he was appointed to in 1998. Prior to coming to Brookside, David served for eleven years as the West Central District Superintendent and Assistant General Superintendent for CCCU. He has pastored three other churches in Arizona, Georgia, and Ohio.

During his time as District Superintendent, he traveled multiple  times to Mexico and the Caribbean. These travels opened his eyes and his heart to traveling all over the world to share the Gospel. He then began traveling with EQUIP. Rev. Dean has traveled to countries such as including Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, Ukraine, and China. On these travels he was teaching, preaching, and assisting with medical missions.

David decided to move his career to Ohio Christian University for four reasons: 1) leadership of the Holy Spirit, 2) love of the Churches of Christ in Christian Union denomination, 3) his desire to create generational leaders, and 4) the great need. He says on the transition, “After pastoring Brookside church for 25 years, my deepest vision is to see that church and our university to reach around the world.”

David graduated from Ohio Christian University in 1970 with a Bachelor of Theology degree and from Olivet Nazarene University in 1992 with a Master’s degree in Church Management. He has a passion to see lost people come to Christ and a love for preaching the Word of God.



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