Rev. Joseph Bioh studies his Bible.

AGS Student Profile: Ministry Program Opens Doors

Rev. Joseph Bioh is an Ohio Christian University AGS student from Ghana, West Africa, living in Columbus, Ohio.  He came to Ohio in 2010 after winning a United States Diversity Lottery, a program that enabled him to migrate with his wife and children.  Due to financial constraints, he came alone, after a farewell service hosted by His Eminence Archbishop Samuel Richard Addae of the International Council of Churches and Ministers of Great Britain.

Today, with financial aid obtained through OCU, Bioh has completed his Associate degree in Pastoral Ministry and is pursuing a Bachelor degree in Leadership and Ministry with concentration in Organizational Leadership.  His long-term goal is to earn a master’s degree in Conflict Management Resolution and doctorate in Human Services.

In Ghana, there arose a division in Bioh’s church. A senior minister asked Bioh to help resolve it.  Bioh encouraged the group to resolve their differences, but they chose to form another church.  At the time, Bioh was studying Ministry and Leadership and learning how to organize and grow new churches.

Inspired by his professors, Bioh registered with Global Champions Ministries and Billy Joe Worldwide Ministries.  He hopes to lead a multi-cultural ministry, to form ministry partnerships, and for his church in Ghana to grow through leadership workshops.

As Rev. Bioh explains: “My AGS studies are shaping me academically, morally, and spiritually.  I feel I am child of God being re-claimed, identified, and defined. I aspire to professionalism, intellectual dignity, spiritual maturity, and dynamic ministry.”

“Recently I have applied for U.S. citizenship. Through generous financial support from those with whom I worship with at Church of the Nazarene, I have paid filing fees for my wife and four boys, and await immigration processing. I am super-excited to be reunited with my family. They’ve gone through a lot since I left them in 2010.”  Joseph’s wife Matilda now lives with their sons Joel, Joseph, Jethro, and Jesse in Ghana. 

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