Create Your Future

Local Entrepreneurs Share Five Tips for Success   Businesses are sprouting up everywhere; from local mom-and-pop shops, to national chains, to global empires, there’s no doubt that this is the age of the entrepreneur. Shows such as Shark Tank and The Profit validate the American dream and are encouraging men and women of all ages to bring the ideas they have to market. As this phenomenon continues, it’s safe to say that many are opting to create their dream job rather than following traditional career paths. Two such entrepreneurs are J.D. Hyman and Ben Caplan, founders of local business, Rooster Printing. Officially launching in the beginning of July, J.D. and Ben are on a mission to provide convenient, modern, quality products to clientele while offering a range of services, including printing, branding, and business consulting. As they build their company, Ben and J.D. share these tips for entrepreneurial success: Take advantage of every opportunity and connection, remembering that the value of a person is not directly dependent on what they have to offer you.If you desire to change someone’s life, it’s important to change yourself first.Don’t get stuck in the “when I grow up” mindset because at some time you must grow up. Instead really evaluate where you want to be in life and what legacy you want to leave behind.Use every opportunity to learn, grow, and share.If you don’t know what you want to do with your life, look at what you can do without noticing a change a time because that is what you are put on this earth to do.If you were to ask J.D. and Ben how they connected, both would say through a mutual friend; but it’s deeper than that - they share a similar purpose. They are called to lead, and business is the means through which God will use them. Both founders are passionate about entrepreneurship and enjoy the idea of being their own boss. Yet before they connected, they had separate journeys. J.D., an OCU graduate, initially pursued marketing but changed when he learned more about business under the tutelage of Ohio Christian University business professors - Dr. David Garrison and Professor Dale Lear. Then as he furthered his education, attending classes in the AGS MBA program, his resolve to enter business was solidified due to the influence of the Business Program Director, Dr. Debra Grimm. He realized that he wanted to make a difference and work at a fulfilling job. While J.D. pursued higher education, Ben took a different path and after graduating high school entered the workforce. As he went to work everyday, he began to realize that he had higher aspirations, and the alternative of being in control of his future became more appealing. Fortunately, he had the opportunity to witness entrepreneurship first-hand since his father owned his own business. But what really made him choose entrepreneurship was this question Steve Jobs asked a group of graduates– “Are you willing to die for what you’re about to do?” There’s just one more tip J.D. and Ben wanted to share: Don’t be afraid to create your future.

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