More Than a Job

With the economic state of the United States as is, it would be an understatement to say that a majority of the populace is intently focused on securing employment. As an adult, it is a crucial part of being responsible. However, in adapting to the daily routine of work and family, we can often get trapped in an obligatory mindset, only thinking of our job as a means to an end.Marilyn McFarlin, a full-time foster parent and babysitter from Pennsylvania, had initially begun her career with this mindset. She loved serving young kids and found it fulfilling; however, she recognized the need for a change, or as she stated, “I needed to improve my leadership skills.”With more than 12 kids under her watch, she was a missionary in a vital mission field. Therefore, based on the recommendation of Gerald Mershimer – a current faculty member in the OCU traditional program, Marilyn enrolled in the online Christian Ministries program at OCU’s College of Adult and Graduate Studies (AGS). While participating in her classes, she experienced a paradigm shift. Each godly principle opened her eyes, teaching her that her purpose on this earth was about ministry, and as a result, she recognized that her job was a calling.In her specific field, relational evangelism was key. In fact, she had been ministering all her life but had not realized it. She had built relationships with each kid and with parents to the point where they fully trusted her, giving her a unique opportunity to share the gospel. And while she shared the gospel, her love for Christ grew in leaps and bounds.But that’s not all.While she was in Pennsylvania, she participated as a youth leader in a local community youth group. During their annual ski trip, she witnessed the kids under her care open the Bible, read it for themselves, and then show other kids who were new to the Gospel how to read theirs. Talk about beautiful!Now, after she has moved to Ohio, completed her Bachelor’s degree and is transitioning to ministering outside of her home, Marilyn is amazed by the change one night a week accomplished in her life. She is no longer confined by a title, a job or a list of what she does daily. Instead she works as unto God (Colossians 3:23), keeping in mind that she has been blessed with more than a job.

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