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  “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.” –James 1:22 (NIV)                 It’s no secret that Ohio Christian University produces some pretty incredible alumni: John C. Maxwell, Stan Toler, David Harris and numerous others. These alums followed their callings and also happened to achieve international acclaim, but countless other alumni are following their callings and receive no earthly recognition for their work in spreading God’s Kingdom. One sunny Saturday morning, OCU President Mark Smith happened to come across one such alumnus, 2010 graduate Rev. John Ramey, and a group of about 10 others picking up trash in front of the university.          Rev. John Ramey is the founder of Walk the Talk Outreach Ministries based in Circleville, Ohio, and they do a lot more than cleaning up highways. It’s mission - minister to those in need and to bring the lost to Jesus Christ.  WTT Ministries focuses on accomplishing this mission through two main ministries: Helping Those Who Help Others and Serving Seniors. Helping Those Who Help Others supports local, frontline Christian ministry organizations by providing the essential resources those organizations desperately need, so that they can keep their eyes focused on God and serving others, rather than making sure their supplies are replenished. WTT Ministries supplies Bibles, bottled water, cleaning supplies, personal hygiene items, toiletries, nonperishable food items, and baby supplies to organizations such as Elizabeth’s Hope, pregnancy resources; Touching Lives for Christ, food pantry; Haven House, women’s shelter; and Circle Shelter, men’s shelter. Serving Seniors essentially adopts our local senior citizens who've been abandoned by their loved ones and receive no visitors; WTT Ministries steps in and offers these seniors companionship, love, and fellowship, wrapped in the message: “God hasn’t forgotten you.”          The majority of WTT Ministries’ volunteers are OCU alumni, so a natural offshoot of their main ministries was to do something to give back to their alma mater. Enter: Adopt-a-Highway.          Once per quarter, but soon, once per month, a group of OCU alumni, students, and friends gather in front of the chapel at 9 AM with one goal: beautify the two-mile stretch of highway in front of OCU’s main campus. There’s laughter in the air as volunteers catch up with each other, an obvious camaraderie already forming between new and experienced volunteers. Two hours later, the work is done, the highway is clean, and there’s a sense of purpose lingering in the air.          These volunteers, according to Rev. Ramey, “are honored to do what [they] do.” He emphasizes that they don’t beautify the highway for recognition; they do it because they feel called to serve their community in behind-the-scenes ways. Walk the Talk Outreach Ministries, as an organization, understands that the work it does, while vital to the organizations it serves, is often invisible to the individual receiving a WTT Bible or water. However, according to Rev. Ramey, WTT “understands just how much [the supplies and support] helps other ministries. It’s an answer to prayer for a lot of them…because these organizations don’t have someone that will help sustain them on a monthly basis. We’re so honored to be able to do that.” And the supplies they use are helping bring people to Christ. In one example, a local ministry was helping a young woman by just loving her, giving her a Bible, and some water. The young woman was so overcome by their kindness and love that she gave her life to Christ right then.          Walk the Talk Outreach Ministries serves the organizations that serve the least of these in our community, while also finding time to pay forward to OCU.  Rev. Ramey closed with this thought, “So many people are willing to talk the talk, and talk about serving others, but so very few are willing to walk the talk, and actually do something.”So, are you willing to walk the talk?Interested in volunteering? The next Adopt-a-Highway OCU Clean-up is scheduled for June 20th at 9am. Email WTT Ministries at walkthetalkministries1@gmail.com, connect on Facebook and Twitter, @MinistryWTT, or online at www.wttministries.org

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