Conference Services Team Exemplifies Extraordinary Customer Service

Conference Services Team Exemplifies Extraordinary Customer Service

Jan Shannon, OCU’s Director of Career Services, shares two stories of how the Conference Services Team made an impact with their exemplary customer service.

My first experience was my very first day at OCU. It was the end of July and it was very quiet on campus. I parked and as I was entering the Dean and Diana Hickman Student Center, a young gentleman who was dressed very neatly was cleaning the doors. I remember thinking how neat he looked for a custodian and how impressive that was. As he saw me approach, he quickly opened the doors for me and said, "Good morning, may I help you find someone?’"I was so impressed. I hadn't even made it through the door and I felt a warm, welcomed feeling my first day on the job! Jeremy Emerson, was that young man’s name and I have to say, in the last eight plus months, every time I have seen him he has been just as kind and friendly as he was when I took my first step into the OCU building.

My second amazing experience was on April 3, 2014. The rain was pouring down --- I mean pouring. It was about 10:20 a.m. and employers were starting to come in to set up for the Career Fair. They were all wet and dripping as they rolled their cases in and I was trying to assist them in finding their tables when one of the men said to another lady waiting, "Wasn't that quite a greeting committee?"  I looked up and there was Reece Sorley, Mark Fish, and Jeremy Emerson, with the big blue and white OCU umbrellas assisting employers by helping them into the building out of the rain! WOW, was that a bonus that our job fair guest employers loved for their first visit to OCU. These three young gentlemen made an indelible impression of the friendly customer service at OCU on those they greeted! Thank you gentlemen!

The Conference Services Team has served as a great example of the type of customer service OCU is striving to exhibit to everyone they serve. OCU’s goal is to practice customer service as “love in action” where everyone and everything matters.

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