Disaster Management and Relief Director Attends International Association of Emergency Manager’s Annual Conference

The International Association of Emergency Manager’s Annual Conference was held this past week in Las Vegas Nevada and Disaster Management Program Director, Thad Hicks attended.  The conference provides a forum for current trends and topics, information about the latest tools and technology in emergency management and homeland security.  Hicks stated, “The sessions encourage individuals at all levels of government, the private sector, and non-profits to exchange ideas on collaborating to protect lives and property from disaster.”  The Disaster program at OCU was designed with this idea in mind and it benefits greatly from conferences like this.   The conference offers many benefits including;


» Education and Training:  A forum for current trends and topics, latest tools and technology.

» Collaboration: A place for all levels of government, private sector, non-profits, public health and related professions to exchange ideas.

» Networking: More than 2,500 participants are expected to attend the IAEM-USA 59th Annual Conference & EMEX 2011.

» Products and Services: EMEX 2011 will showcase technologies, products and services.


Based on a paper written by Director Thad Hicks and presented at this year’s FEMA Higher Education conference, Thad was contacted by a publisher interested in possibly housing portions of an academic journal within the Disaster and Relief Program at OCU.  “We are continuously moving into a better position within the field.  The addition of a quarterly academic journal would place us near the top.”  Hicks added, “This would allow us to show that we are not just passing out waters at a disaster, we are doing real thinking about the issues that make up the Emergency and Disaster Management fields.”


No students attended this year due to some unforeseen costs, but plans are already in place to take a contingent from OCU to next year’s conference in Orlando Florida.