OCU Graduate Excels in the Emergency Management Field

Ashira Vantrees a 2016 graduate of Ohio Christian University, and the current Emergency Preparedness Director for the County Health Department in Morrow County, Ohio, is a rising star in the emergency management field.  Ashira began her time with Morrow County as an intern.  After her internship came to an end, her work ethic and abilities caused the county to offer her a full-time position, managing the emergency preparedness of the county health department.  While Ashira has been in the position for less than a year, those who work with her recognize all she brings to the table.  When asked about Ashira, OCU EM Program Director Dr. Thad Hicks stated, “I spoke with the emergency manager in the area and they could not be happier with Ashira’s firm grip on the emergency management field and her heart for people who are hurting.” 

In order to continue her rise in the field, and to gather additional training Ashira applied and was accepted into the Disaster Medicine MA degree at Philadelphia University.  This degree is, delivered as a partnership between Philadelphia University and the Department of Emergency Medicine of the Albert Einstein Health Network.  It was developed to prepare individuals with the knowledge and expertise to manage and develop the increasingly complex disaster management and preparedness requirements of the 21st century.

The program at Philadelphia University is flexible and will allow Ashira to continue full-time in her emergency planning role.  Ahira’s position with the Morrow County Health Department

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