Men's Soccer Win One in Weird Fashion

The trip to JBC started off with adversity with the bus having trouble making it out of Circleville. But the men's soccer team were about to see more weird things happen later in the day.

OCU started for the first time this year down at half time, 0-1 to JBC, but confident they could turn things around and play a better half. That they did but only after JBC took a 0-2 lead at the 46th minute. It took the OCU Men only 2 minutes to bring the deficit back to 1 by scoring on a PK. The goal, scored by Emanuel Harris, was brought about because Dexter Chapman was tackled in the penalty box. A foul was given along with the PK.

Ten minutes later, Jimmy Galvan received a ball from Kevin Street and placed it near post and scored. The goal made it 2-2 which would be the final score at the end of regulation time. This is where things became weird. The OCU men started to make preparations for overtime play, when the JBC Coach took his team off the field and would not play in the OT. He believed that it was not in the rules to play OT. The OCU men have already played OT in the region and knew better and so the game was concluded as a forfeit in favor of OCU.

The win takes the men to a 8-1-0 record and 5-0-0 in the region.