Modeling the value of a Christian Education: If It’s Good Enough for Dad

Four years ago he was denied a promotion due to his lack of a degree. His children were headed down the same road with the all too common attitude, “If it was good enough for Dad then it’s good enough for me.” But Ted Murphy wanted more for himself and more for his children. Two weeks later he registered for classes at Ohio Christian University to begin working on a Bachelor of Arts in Business.It really should come as no surprise that Ted Murphy would go back to school to get his degree when you see how he honors God in his community, church and workplace. Serving as a North Lewisburg village councilmen as well as occupying a seat on the Republican Party Executive Committee in Champaign County are indicative of Ted’s desire not to be found sitting on the sideline but to be making a difference in his community. As President of the Triad Quarterback Club he is helping to prepare young people for college with scholarships for books and fees that are granted after they complete their first year of school. Furthermore, he would like to create a program that would teach the life skills they need when going to college, such as balancing a checkbook and time management. As a deacon and Sunday School Superintendent at his church he helps to disciple between 50 and 100 young people, is affectionately called “Father Ted” by those who attend his workplace Bible study, and had the honor of leading a lady to the Lord during a work party.“The University has been great and helped when I needed,” comments Murphy on how faculty and staff were always willing to answer his questions and even providing directed study so he could keep progressing through the program.On his 49th birthday, Ted Murphy will finish his BA. “This has been a great time in my life. You really get out of your education what you put into it,” reflects Murphy. Even though he regrets not getting his degree immediately after high school, he believes he has gotten more out of his education at this point in his life, trusting that everything has been according to the Lord’s plan.What’s next for Ted Murphy?  First, he plans to enroll in OCU’s MBA program with the eventual goal of teaching adults like himself. But more thrilling for Ted are his children’s plans. Having seen the value of Christian higher education through their dad’s example they now plan to earn their own degrees by attending OCU. After all, if it’s good enough for Dad…

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