OCU Disaster Management Students Assist with Pickaway Co. Hazardous Materials Collection

Students from the Disaster Management program partnered with PPG and The Pickaway County Emergency Management Department Saturday morning to assist in the collection of hazardous materials.  Dustin Hube and Michael Fortell took their Saturday morning to give back to the Pickaway County community and to dig into the Emergency/Disaster Management field a little deeper.

According to the program’s Director, Thad Hicks, “Depending on the direction graduates from the program plan on taking, dealing with Hazardous materials may be a daily concern.”  Every day, large amounts of hazardous materials travel along America’s roads, and rails.  In addition to these materials, every home is also full of potentially dangerous materials.   Hicks added, “This experience will definitely assist Dustin and Michael in the future.  I just wish more students would have taken advantage of the opportunity.” 

The students who did attend from OCU made a good impression on Pickaway County Emergency Manager, Dave Conrad.  Director Conrad stated, “We’ll definitely be doing more to bring our two organizations together in the future.”