OCU Grad Pens Book on Marriage

A 2011 graduate of Ohio Christian University (OCU) in Circleville has written a book that may improve couples' chances of staying married longer.

Courtney Short, while studying for his bachelor's degree in Christian leadership, combined personal observations and other people's experiences to write "Some Assembly Required, Batteries Not Included."

Short, 34, is an ordained minister who also is awaiting ordination as an elder at Potter's House Church of God in Columbus. The 284-page book, which was released in mid-February and may be purchased on several national booksellers' Web sites, offers suggestions about overcoming struggles that married couples face.

"The book took two years to write and get published," said Short, a Columbus resident. "Throughout life, people face a smorgasbord of experiences and concepts. My intention is to tell readers how to enrich their lives."

Short recalls two of his former OCU instructors who brought insight to his idea of a marriage how-to book.

"Dr. (Marvin) Miller taught a leadership class I attended, and he would talk about his wife during lessons," Short said. "And Dr. (Harold) Hudson was my theology instructor, who also spoke to us about his marriage. Both of these men were inspirational to me."

Short came up with the book's title on a Christmas Day morning, when he was attempting to build toys as gifts for his children.

"I kept reading on packaging the phrase that ultimately became my book title," Short explained. "I tried to put together some of the toys on my own with limited success. My wife reminded me to read the manuals, and I finally got things done right."

The "batteries not included" part of the book title is emblematic of a marriage that exists but has no life to it, Short noted.

"It is my feeling that people may be married, but they don't look at a manual to know what is missing to make it actually work," he said. "Love needs to be rekindled from time to time."

The book describes how a marriage is built on love, forgiveness, honesty and respect, and that a couple needs to seek God's plan for marriage and trust in what that blueprint offers.

Short has been married for 10 years and has four children.

"Some Assembly Required, Batteries Not Included" is the second book Short has published since 2008.

The first book he wrote was "God Said Wait," which explains why all aspects of anyone's life happen for a reason in God's grand plan.

Short also is working on two more books, which he is planning to have published in the coming months.

He said his manuscript is almost complete for "Law of Audacity," which Short described as an explanation of God's existence, the purpose of mankind on Earth and how those specific systems provide humans with the ability to accomplish those tasks.

The other book, "What Happened to My Garden?," discusses the correlation between what can go wrong when trying to cultivate a garden with the trials and tribulations of marriage.

Short said his future plans include pursuing master's degrees in divinity and theological studies from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary.

By Nick Powell for the Circleville Herald