OCU Unveils County Scholarship Plan

On Feb. 8, Dr. Mark A. Smith, President of Ohio Christian University (OCU), unveiled a comprehensive scholarship plan to address the 11 percent baccalaureate attainment rate in Pickaway County and to offer students more cost effective plans for degree attainment. In planning
the first year, OCU has focused efforts on extending opportunities to Pickaway County students. The scholarship plan is a multidimensional
approach to assist students. As you will see below, education at Ohio Christian University and many other colleges is affordable for almost anyone.

First, Ohio Christian is announcing an increase in the Pickaway County Scholarship from $1,000 to $2,000, for any incoming student (freshman or transferee) for fall 2007. To be eligible, these new students must live in Pickaway County, apply to OCU by March 31, 2007, and meet entrance requirements.

Second, Ohio Christian is announcing a $1,000 Leadership scholarship to qualifying Pickaway County student leaders in academics, athletics, clubs, student government, etc.

Third, Ohio Christian is announcing a President