Mother/Daughter “Duet” Win Selfie Contest

OCU traditional student Abbie Ailes and her mother, Jill, are the winners of the Sentimental Selfie Contest put on by The Lorenz Corporation – a Dayton-based publishing company specializing in sacred and school music.Abbie and her mom won the award for Most Sentimental Story and Creative Picture. For winning they’ll receive $125 in Lorenz music and are featured in Lorenz’s Fall 2015 Anthem promotion.We talked with Allie about her talent, faith, relationship with her mom, and her walk with the Lord.Ohio Christian University: How is your skill with violin related with your relationship with Christ?Abbie Ailes: I'm very thankful and blessed with my talent of music. I've always tried to keep a mind of Christ-like humility in everything that I do. I would never take full credit because I know that because of God, I am able to play. Because I know that, although I find playing the violin fun and entertaining, it is something that I can show my appreciation and worship to God.OCU: You and your mom seem very close, how have your musical abilities strengthened your relationship with each other and with Christ?AA: My mom and I are best friends. I won't lie; we fight and disagree just like any other mother/daughter relationship. However, I would never change our relationship. She has been such a great example for me spiritually and musically. I have played violin since I was five, and immediately she was playing piano with me and helping me along. My fondest memories are the ones that we played together, but my favorites are playing at church in front of our congregation. She has always been supportive, loving, and motivational every situation that life throws our way. She has always wanted what is best for me and is the little voice inside my head through everything that I do. I'm very blessed to call her my mom and my best friend.OCU: How do you see your OCU education benefiting you in the future?AA: I'm very thankful for my education at OCU. My professors have been very supportive and helpful for the years I have been in school. Whenever I have questions or concerns, they are more than welcome to help. I love how my major [music education] can be incorporated with my faith and help me not only with my education, but my overall relationship with Christ. My education has helped me to develop who I am today, and who I will be in the years to come. OCU is my home away from home. I believe that through OCU's education, I am ready to experience the world with a great knowledge of my major, as well as an amazing incorporation of my faith in Christ.Abbie and her mom have been a musical duo since Abbie was five years old, and she played Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star on her violin with her mom accompanying on the piano. They continue to play together today at church, for weddings and other events. Jill says about making music with her daughter, “It’s such a blessing to have a daughter to share the gift of music with. I just love our time together serving the Lord in this capacity.”From the OCU Family - Congrats Abbie and Jill on your win! For more information on the music education program at Ohio Christian University, click here.

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