OCU Student Finds Hope Through Classmates

By Krista Williams

In a time where our country and humanity is living in a great amount of fear, being at OCU gives me so much hope. I find peace in being here as I look around the classrooms- I see the future. I sit and look at all of the hardworking students and how each one of them has a divine purpose they are preparing for. A purpose given specially to them because of their skills and abilities. A purpose given to them because our King knows what He is doing.

I sit in a class of 20 people and think, "there are 20 world changers right here." It amazes me to think what we, as educated and motivated Christians can do to spread hope into this broken world. I see future politicians, businessmen, pastors, counselors, professors, social workers, theologians, nurses, teachers and so much more who are ready to do their part and give to society. I have realized how truly privileged I am to be able to attend such a faith-based and academic-oriented, private university. I love being able to learn by our encouraging professors, with phenomenal classmates who are motivated by joy instead of fear.

Krista Williams is a 21 year-old junior at Ohio Christian University double majoring in Psychology and Chemical Dependency Counseling. She is from Wooster, Ohio. In her free time Krista likes to play with her dog and attempt to be crafty even though her DIY projects never turn out right.

Pictured is Krista in the middle of several of her friends at OCU.

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