OCU Fall Revival with Rev. Susie Shellenberger

Students Challenged During Fall Revival

The annual Ohio Christian University fall revival was colorful and fun, yet convicting and divine. Rev. Susie Shellenberger’s vibrant and challenging message related with the student body in every service.

Rev. Shellenberger laid out principles to help students through the coming year. Through her messages, students learned that it is important to recognize and attack the things that hinder them from drawing close to God. Intimacy with God can seem like a heavy subject, but Rev. Shellenberger has a gift for taking difficult subjects and articulating them in a way that makes them easy to digest. Through great storytelling and an engaging speaking style, she held the students’ attention each night. Students were challenged to a lifestyle of connectedness with God, and many responded to accept the challenge. Ohio Christian University is grateful to Rev. Shellenberger and looks forward to the impact of her ministry throughout this year and beyond.  

"God certainly has His hand on OCU in a special way. His favor is definitely on this campus. Keep responding in obedience to Him, and He will continue to move and direct in astounding ways."

—Rev. Susie Shellenberger

About Rev. Shellenberger

Rev. Susie Shellenberger grew up in Bethany, Oklahoma, and her fun and colorful personality is incorporated into her ministry. She attended Southern Nazarene University where she served as the first elected female student government president and received a B.A. in Communications with minors in English and Creative Writing. She received her Master’s Degree in creative writing from the University of Central Oklahoma and served as a youth pastor for many years across the country. Susie’s fast paced, in-depth, and non-compromising speaking style conveys a relatable message with her audience. She dives inside the Scriptures to ensure that you leave with a fresh and captivating revelation.

About OCU

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