OCU Teacher Education Student With a Passion for Missions

Ohio Christian University Sophomore and Early Childhood Education major Allyson Jones has grown up being involved in ministry.  Her family has always served together, whether in pastoring or missions work.  Her dad is the President of GO International giving her the chance to travel to Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic and Trinidad.  This year she will be returning to Trinidad with a team of OCU Students over Spring Break and will be going to Costa Rica in May.
“I absolutely love what our family does,” said Allyson. “I get to meet so many amazing people through the ministry and it's so exciting to see what God is doing around the world.”
Allyson plans to use her Early Childhood Education major to open doors for her to be a missionary to reach people she might not have been able to reach as a traditional missionary.  “I have seen on past trips how we have been able to reach lost families by loving and caring for their children and I feel led to continue to do that as a teacher,” said Allyson.
She loves meeting new people around the world through missions. “Seeing the passions and ministries God has placed on their hearts is incredible and encouraging to me,” said Allyson. “It is impossible to doubt that there is a God who loves and cares for His children when you see what He is doing around the world and how He is so faithful to provide.”
Originally, Allyson had decided to attend another university. “A month before college was supposed to start, God started working on my heart and I could not get peace,” she said. “My goals were to go to a Christian university and graduate with the least amount of debt possible so that I could go on the mission field soon after graduation.”
After she decided not to attend the other university, her dad met OCU Vice President for Advancement Mark Taylor and OCU President Dr. Mark Smith who encouraged that Allyson visit OCU. “There was more financial aid and scholarships available to me here so it would be possible for me to graduate with less debt. It all happened so fast, it's crazy how God worked it all out so perfectly.”
OCU is preparing Allyson for her call to ministry. “I have already learned so much here that has continued in shaping the way I view ministry,” said Allyson. “It is such a privilege to be at a university where I can not only be encouraged in my faith, but also challenged, which promotes great growth. I love learning new and effective ways to share my faith as well as defend it. Between going to chapel, outreaches around the community, or the opportunity to be a Residence Hall Chaplain this year, OCU has given me so many chances to stretch and grow my faith and passion for Jesus.”
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