Special Response Team Holds Training at OCU

Special Response Team holds Training at OCU

The Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office Special Response Team (SRT) recently took part in training to prepare for potential situations they could face, such as perimeter set-up, building search and dealing with a hostage situation.

According to Deputy Dale Thomas, SRT squad leader, the purpose of the training was to work on communication and their response to a situation. 11 officers and two canine officers participated in the training.

The training was done at Ohio Christian University (OCU). The training scenario was an active shooter had taken hostages into dorm rooms on campus.  Volunteers played the students who were taken hostage.

Lt. Cory Bachnicki, SRT commander, said OCU was 100 percent behind them doing the training and expressed interest in having SRT come back and learn the grounds even more.

Bachnicki said that holding the training at OCU gave the officers a chance to become familiar with the campus and dorm rooms. He said they try to schedule the training through the summer when the students are out.

Thomas said during the hostage situation, the team had to set up a perimeter, call out the suspect and perform a search of the building in formation.

After the hostage training, the team was able to train with the canine officers. Volunteers wore bite suits and the canines practiced finding drugs inside the building.

“Since we had the building and opportunity, we went ahead and worked on other stuff.” Thomas said.

After the four-hour training ended, the team debriefed and went over changes that needed to be made.

Bachnicki said there is always discussion on what didn’t work that can be reevaluated, or what did work and should be utilized again.

“The benefit of training is to try things over again,” Bachnicki said.

Thomas said there is never a perfect training and they can always find things on which to improve. Overall, he thought the training went smoothly and was pleased with the way the team performed.

Typically, SRT performs training every other week. Thomas said training ranges from firearms, perimeter set up, breaching doors and entering houses.

Bachnicki said their next training will take place at Nicholas Drive Elementary. Since the school is being demolished on Monday, they received permission from the school board to use the school to practice hitting doors. Bachnicki said this is a great opportunity for the team and will give them the practice they need to prepare them for a real life situation.

Article by Amanda Plotts, Circleville Herald Staff Reporter
Photos by Nancy Radcliff, Circleville Herald staff Photographer
Originally posted on Friday, July 18, 2014 4:07 pm