OCU Community Garden '13

Ohio Christian University is, once again, diving into their Community Garden Project. They received a grant $60,000 last year from the Arington Foundation. Dr. Rick Christman is providing oversight for the project this year and pushing through some big obstacles. The rain has been great, but makes it hard for upkeep. We currently have 4 employees that maintain the garden by weeding, watering, harvesting, as well as marketing and sales of produce. We are growing a wide range of crops including tomatoes, corn, a variety of peppers, squash, zucchini, etc. Produce is also given to local food banks to help the community.The project serves a vital role on campus and is a great teaching tool for all those involved. The overall goal of the project is to teach the students the value of gardening. In a Fast Food world, it is nice to bring students back to the basics and teach them what real vegetables and hard work look like. It is essential to the growth of Ohio Christian University; we are giving back to the community and training students to be servant leaders.

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