President Kulaga’s Message Inspires at 1st Chapel Service in MPAC

Ohio Christian University held its first Chapel Service in the newly completed Ministry & Performing Arts Center on Thursday, January 11th.  Students, staff, and faculty entered the new facility with anticipation and excitement as a new era was ushered in. 

President Kulaga summed up the common sentiment saying, “It’s awesome to be in this building together and have everyone - students, staff, and faculty - able to worship together.”  Brian Brodie, Conference Services Director, added, “It’s a great feeling to open this building to the students and fill the room with worship.”

The new performance facility will be used for chapel services, concerts, and to host major events at the university, as well as to house the University’s Music and Religion Departments. 

Rev. Aaron Duvall, Director of Spiritual Formation and campus Chaplain, observed, “There is a strong tradition of having sacred spaces, places, and times set aside for worshiping God in Christianity. It’s wonderful to have a space where we can all come together at the same time and encounter God.”

Dr. John Anthony, Music Department Chair, said of the service, “It was exhilarating to worship with the entire student body and faculty in such an awesome facility today. The hall’s great acoustic and state-of-the-art sound and video technology are very impressive. This new facility brings a host of opportunities for musical performance to the University.”

President Kulaga, first chapel speaker in the new facility, was introduced by Dave Bireline, OCU Athletic Director.  In his remarks, Bireline shared observations from interactions he’s witnessed between President Kulaga and student athletes, “His love for you is unbelievable.  He always wants what’s best for our students.”

President Kulaga’s message from Galatians 6:7-9 is entitled “Sow What?” Listeners were challenged to live their lives with intention.  Kulaga underscored the point that we reap what we sow.  He reminded the audience that “there is no question of if you will sow, but what you will sow.”

Highlights of Kulaga’s message are reminders that we each are responsible for our relationship with Christ, that we are as holy, surrendered, and obedient to Christ as we want to be and that we have the same access to the Holy Spirit that Peter did.  Kulaga posed this key question: “Does the Holy spirit have the same access to you that He had to Peter?”

President Kulaga closed his message with a moving challenge for each listener to live as to leave everything on the field, to spend one’s life so as to send everything on ahead and never give up.


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