The Spirit Moves at OCU's Fall Revival

Sometimes God moves in ways we least expect or so was the case at OCU’s fall revival service last week.  Bruce Morrison (class of ’84) was the revival speaker this year and started the week off with a sermon on God’s protection and guidance. The students’ response was overwhelming and the Spirit of God moved mightily.In Wednesday’s service Rev. Morrison invited students to respond to the previous day’s sermon opening the altar before he preached. The students responded in a profound way and the altar was lined. The service lasted for two hours and the presence of God filled the Maxwell Center as students were weeping, seeking God. Dr. Mark Smith, OCU president stated,“We do not understand the ways of God but our chapel lasted almost two hours today as God moved in. Three to four times students, staff, administration and faculty sought God. Thank you students for responding. Sin is being confessed, Healing is happening,addicitons are being broken, and students are surrendering all.”On Thursday morning during the last service, students once again filled the altar. Pastor Morrison spoke on choosing to be brave. He shared a story of a man in China who walks across a bridge every day looking for those who might be jumpers. His goal is to save those who would risk ending their lives. He then challenged the student body not to be secretive about their Christianity but rather to take the message of Christ out into the world to save those who would otherwise be lost. The students responded once again in an incredible way as the Holy Spirit moved. 

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